It Up

There are many excellent companies making meaningful impact on the emotional wellness and growth of employees. We don’t consider these competitors but resources as we take on the same challenges.

  • Initial audit to determine the tools required to meet the objectives.
  • Change management consulting to improve engagement with the new career path approach
  • Created scripts and courses tailored specifically to meet short-term needs.
  • Developed a roadmap to support the long-term needs and objectives for Havens care team professionals
  • Created an online learning platform tailored to the needs of the veterinary community
  • Captured, adapted, and optimized the CCRP programs’ excellent educational materials for online delivery
  • Integrated periodic assessments into the training to measure the comprehension of course participants and the content’s effectiveness
  • Developed a hybrid Online/Hands-on learning strategy to enable CCRP candidates to be fully prepared and ready to engage in the hands-on lab sessions held in convenient locations
  • Created a community of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners, for consulting, employment and referrals
  • Created an online learning platform tailored to the needs of AlleTrust customers. Customer applications required a focus on ease of use and hierarchical registration
  • Captured and optimized AlleTrust’s excellent training materials for online delivery.
  • Integrated interactions into the online sessions to ensure that every participant engages on every question presented by the facilitator.
  • Integrated journaling tools into the program to provide each participant with an enduring record of their thoughts and commitments.
  • Automated quarterly follow-ups for every participant to gauge compliance with commitments they recorded in their journal.

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