VEST is the best bet for keeping your team around!

Wow, bold claim.

Increase Resilience

Equipping team members with tools to manage stress and anxiety helps boost productivity.

Educate Leaders

Leaders who know how to cultivate and motivate team members enhance culture. 

Support In-the-Moment

Talking to someone in their moment of need returns them more quickly to a regulated state.

Provide Counseling

When counseling is needed, having access to the right professional resource speeds healing.

Deliver Stress Management

Support following critical incidents promotes healing and deepen relationships.

What's our secret ingredient?

VEST delivers a framework for resilience to help avert crises





What's that mean?

How do we engage?

VEST focuses on 100% of your team, not 3%

How is that different?

Everyone gets the help they need

Free wellbeing survey

You can get a free well-being survey to see how your organization is doing whether you decide to hire us or not

Your Results
Meaning and Purpose

How are we different?

Total engagement

What does that mean?

Look who trusts VEST EAP


taking care

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