First Responder Peer Mentor Training and Support Program

What We Do

At VEST, we prioritize the mental health and emotional prosperity of first responders. Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) includes specialized first responder services. 

VEST Peer Mentor Training

offers comprehensive peer mentor program planning, training, and implementation and management support.

Why Implement a

Peer Mentor Program?

Peer Mentor Programs enable departments to support department personnel as they fulfill their duties and responsibilities. Peer mentors provide confidential and empathetic assistance to fellow first responders and their families during times of personal or professional stress. Programs are designed to help promote well-being, resilience, and mental health by fostering a culture of support and understanding within the first responder community.a

Why is a

Peer Support Program Important for First Responders?

Having a peer support program is essential because it:

Reduces Isolation

Helps first responders realize they are not alone in their struggles.

Enhances Resilience

Equips first responders with coping strategies to manage stress.

Promotes Confidentiality and Trust

Provides a safe space for sharing experiences without judgment if properly designed and implemented.

Normalizes Help-Seeking

Breaks down barriers to seeking assistance for mental and emotional challenges.

VEST's Peer Mentor Services

VEST helps departments establish and manage peer mentor programs with:

Peer Mentor Team Program Implementation


Evaluate department programs and personnel to establish a structure for an effective program.


Develop tailored plans outlining procedures and communication strategies.


Comprehensive training for peer support team members.

Peer Team Support and Incident Management

Immediate Response:

On-site support and crisis intervention during critical incidents.


Collaboration with internal and external resources.


Continuous assessment and adjustment of response.

Team Member Support

Individual Support:

One-on-one check-ins for team members to introduce tools for support.

Group Support:

Facilitate group sessions to share experiences and provide mutual support.

Follow-up Care:

Ongoing support and access to resources for long-term well-being.

How Peer Support Works

Pre-Engagement Preparation

  • Develop and implement a tailored peer mentorship and support plan.
  • Train peer support team members on active listening and emotional support techniques.

During Engagement

  • Deploy peer support resources immediately during critical incidents.
  • Offer confidential and empathetic support.

Post-Engagement Follow-up

  • Provide continued support through individual and group sessions.
  • Conduct debriefings and feedback sessions to improve the program.

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